Supporting Local

Enriching the Community

At Pollen Plant Boutique, we believe houseplants connect us to our homes, community, and planet. We work with local artists and nurseries to ensure our customers purchase high-quality and responsibly sourced products that help support New England communities.

I am Ashley, the owner and founder of Pollen Plant Boutique.

As an enthusiastic plant parent with a desire to serve the community, I started my shop as a way to help people find and care for the right houseplants for their homes.

When I first began collecting houseplants, I noticed that many large retailers sold plants that appeared unhealthy, and they rarely included helpful care instructions. Most of my early plants died simply because I didn’t know how to care for them!

My goal is to ensure each of my customers is taking home a healthy plant suited to their home environment and experience level.

I am looking forward to meeting you at the shop!